Day 7 – Silence is Golden

How many times have you noticed that it’s the little quiet moments in the midst of life that seem to give the rest extra-special meaning?” – Fred Rogers

Gary treated us to a delicious and filling breakfast.  On our way out of Royersford, we stopped at the public library to get a better idea of how far we could get today.  The entire staff was very nice and helpful.  Lois, pictured below, wanted to help us with our walk.  She insisted on giving us some money to buy a coffee or meal to warm us up.

The face of random acts of kindness

While at the library, Tara called a campground that was on our route that we were hoping to pitch our tent at that night.  There was no answer, so she left a message.  We decided to head that way anyway, and hope for the best.

Crossing the Schuylkill river

Rumors abound that Homer Simpson was spotted in the area.

We never knew we would take comfort in seeing a corn field

Horse coat

A good part of the day the roads lacked shoulders, so we either had to dodge cars or walk on the grass, which is a challenge when pushing carts.  It was very windy, cold, and hilly (which has been the norm).

Both the views and pushing our carts up hills are breathtaking

We came across a cafe and stopped in for a rest and to warm up.  We followed Lois’ suggestion and had some tea (for T), milk (for JM), and shared a slice of pie.  Thanks again, Lois!  It lifted Tara’s spirits, as she was really frustrated and exhausted at that point of the day.

We got back on the road, which now had a nice shoulder, and walked several miles more. John-Michael checked his phone and saw that he had received a message from the campground down the road.  They said that they thought they could accommodate us.  Knowing that, we set off to walk the last few miles of the day with a little extra pep in our step.

Pennsylvania color layers

We arrived at scenic Warwick Woods campground and were greeted by John.  It turns out the campground is closed for the season, but John was happy to let us pitch our tent on the property free of charge!  John was so nice, allowed us to use the restrooms, and even offered to get some extension cords and a ceramic heater for us since it was going to be below freezing overnight.  We declined the heater (we don’t want to get too spoiled), but were happy to accept the rest.

Sir John of Warwick Woods

Our camping CarT Pass

We used our Jetboil for the first time to cook some oatmeal for dinner.  It was a nice way to warm up before bed.  Surrounded by chilly, silent darkness, we settled into our tent before 8:30 and reflected on our journey thus far before drifting off to sleep.

Home sweet home for the night