Day 6 – Learning From Others Adventures

Life is short.  Don’t waste your time collecting things, for they will fade.  Instead, invest your time collecting extraordinary experiences, for those you may cherish and pass on for many lifetimes to come.” – Don Kern

Today began with even more hospitality from Sandra and her family.  She made us breakfast sandwiches and a huge fruit salad for breakfast.  It was great fuel for a long day of walking.  It snowed a little overnight, which made for a pretty start to our day, yet wasn’t enough to slow us down.

Walden in the snow

We thought this was apropos since March Madness starts today

This sign is posted on both entrances to a neighborhood. What happens if you want to go home during those hours?

The snow melted as the day progressed.  We went through several small towns and made some new discoveries.  Most notably, we found out where fun goes go to die.

I scream too


We crossed a bridge built in 1799 that is still in use for all forms of traffic (cars, trucks, and pedestrians).

A well built bridge

In Collegetown, we walked through beautiful Ursinus College.

Ursinus College

This house had a plaque that simply read, “Super House.” We can only assume Superman, Superwoman, Superkid, and Superdog live there.

Because of our early start, we arrived in Royersford earlier than we anticipated.  I sent a text to Gary, our couchsurfing host for the night, to let him know we were close.  It turns out he was calling us at almost the same moment.  When we arrived at Gary’s, he was already waiting outside to greet us.  He saw us coming down the road and knew it was us (we’re not sure how).  It was so nice to see a smiling face and to be greeted so warmly after a long and cold day of walking.

Gary was an amazing host.  He let us park Walden and Samwise in his foyer.  He could sense that we were road-weary, so he let us get showered up and changed before anything else.  Once we were cleaned-up, we settled in for an evening of fine dining and excellent conversation.  Gary is a modern-day renaissance man.  He’s a world traveler and adventurer, and also a super nice guy.  He imparted some of the wisdom he’s gained while traveling the world to us; thoughts and ideas we will carry with us on our walk.

We took a few normal pictures before this one. Gary said we should do one final “crazy” shot. It turned out to be our favorite.