Day 11 – Sugar Rush

My advice to you is not to inquire why or whither, but just enjoy your ice cream while it’s on your plate. – Thornton Wilder

As if Nate and Kate and the rest of the Supper Club hadn’t done enough for us, Nate let us grab a quick breakfast at his house.

Passing through downtown Lancaster, we stopped at the oft recommended Rachel’s Café and Creperie.  While Tara went in to get us a crepe to share, John-Michael struck up a conversation with a local artist who had seen the carts parked outside of the library the day before. Since John-Michael has the memory of a goldfish, we don’t have his name.  If you’re out there reading the blog, let us know your name so we can rectify this injustice.

Rachel’s Cafe and Creperie. A bit of a Lancaster legend

On our way out of Lancaster, we did some grocery shopping.  While at the supermarket, Tara experienced one of life’s horrors: she was using the bathroom when the lights went out.

The walk to Columbia was pleasant.  We followed the Lincoln Highway.  The sun was fighting its way through the clouds, the shoulder on the road was wide, and the traffic was minimal.

Serving all of your dog, rabbit, and dinosaur veterinarian needs. Now we know where to take our Apatosaurus the next time it gets sick.

The Golden Arch?

We didn’t eat here, but we are hoping to make George’s “Almost World Famous Pizza” entirely world famous. Maybe our ten readers will push him over that edge!

Modern rates? Why would one want to pay modern rates for obviously outdated accommodations?

These are embedded in the sidewalk along the Lincoln Highway in Columbia, PA.

I prefer my roads rigid

On our way through Columbia, we passed the National Watch and Clock Museum.  According to Zach, the school that is attached to the museum trains some of the world’s finest horologists, including Rolex makers.

National Watch and Clock Museum

We headed down a long sun-lit hill.  There, at the bottom, was what Tara had come all this way for: The Turkey Hill Experience.  A special thanks goes out to Tom, who discovered that this was just a few blocks off of our walking path.  He even sent a buy-one-get-one-free coupon to the Turkey Hill Experience office so we could use it when we arrived.

The Turkey Hill Experience included unlimited ice cream samples.  Any guesses as to how many samples Tara had?

An angry farmer

Tara, already showing the effects of unlimited ice cream samples

Amped up on sugar, we headed out of town by crossing the Susquehanna River.  It’s almost a mile wide.  Interesting fact: Michael once swam across it.  He also has a mini-yacht that he’ll be taking out onto the river for the first time this spring.  Michael, if you’re reading this, send us a picture of it and we’ll put it on the blog!

Blame it on the sugar rush, but we walked too far.  We found ourselves on the outskirts of York with little daylight left, and miles of city walking ahead.  We thought it best to find a hotel rather than walk in the dark.  We met Laura who went out of her way to help us despite being pestered by an old, drunk guest every five minutes.