Day 10 – Snow Day

The Eskimos had fifty-two names for snow because it was important to them: there ought to be as many for love. – Margaret Atwood

We woke up to a few inches of wet and heavy snow.  We thought we would test the weather by going to the library to update the blog, and then go grocery shopping.  Then, if things felt manageable, we would keep walking to the next town.  We thought wrong.  The snow soaked us and our gear.  We walked in circles around downtown Lancaster looking for a grocery store that we never found.  After giving up on the grocery store, we decided to look for a café to warm up in. We couldn’t find any that were open. Finally, frustrated, wet, cold, and hungry, we stopped in a Greek restaurant to grab a bite to eat.

The bagpiper is hanging in a Greek restaurant. I think I must have missed a day of history class.

While there, we called Nate, who you may remember from Day 9.  The previous day, he and his friends said that if the weather was bad and we ended up staying in Lancaster, we could come over for dinner and sleep in Nate and Kate’s guestroom.  We asked Nate if the offer still stood, and he cheerfully said it did.  We would be remiss if we didn’t note that Zach and Chelsea made the same offer, but we didn’t want to wear out our welcome in any one spot.

At Nate and Kate’s (we really enjoy writing and saying that), we were reunited with Michael, Rachel, Alicia, and Zach, and also got to meet Andy, Hillary, and Dewey (Nate and Kate’s cute, soft, and sweet dog).  They welcomed us into their “Supper Club” (they have several other names for it) for another night.  We had a great time sharing stories and learning about them.  After dinner, we relaxed with Nate and Kate while trying to figure out where we knew them from.  Both of us are sure we’ve met them or seen them before.  They are from Indiana, so it isn’t inconceivable, but we never figured it out.  We went to bed with full bellies and full hearts.  There’s nothing like a warm bed and good company to help you forget the things that went wrong during the day.