Day 33 – No Quarters

Discovering the truth about ourselves is a lifetime’s work, but it’s worth the effort. – Fred Rogers

After walking a few miles in the morning we arrived in New Concord.  Many of their flowering trees were in bloom, making the whole town look very picturesque.

A Bradford Pear tree in bloom

Magnolias. A springtime favorite

We stopped for lunch at a cafe and chatted with a few of the locals.  They let us know that we would be walking by John Glenn’s (the first man to orbit earth) house.

John Glenn’s house

We had the relative protection of a bike lane for several miles today.  We always love seeing this painted on the road:

We love bike lanes. They are second only to dedicated pedestrian/bike trails in our opinion

This breed of cow, whatever it is, has quickly become Tara’s favorite.  It’s a cow and fuzzy dog rolled into one hilarious creature.

Another Chewbacca cow. Again, if anyone knows the breed, please let us know

Our daily chocolate milk came in a yellow container that seems to be fairly common across multiple brands in Pennsylvania and Ohio.  We both mistook the milk for orange juice the first time we ran across this packaging.  We’re getting used to it now, but it still seems wrong.  Clear, white (for regular milk), or brown (for chocolate milk) containers seem more appropriate.

Chocolate orange juice

What is a pet dude ranch, other than ludicrous?

We arrived at the campground after the office was already closed.  There was a box for after-hours check in, but it was empty.  That’s when Larry pulled up in his golf-cart and told us to call the owner, Mitch.  We did and he told us to just find a good spot and we could settle-up in the morning.  Larry offered to drive us in his golf-cart to find a good spot.  While looking around the campsite, I asked him if the laundry room was open and had a change machine.  He said it was open, but didn’t have a change machine.  Unfortunately, it looked like we would be without clean clothes for at least another day.

We sat down to eat our dinner of ramen noodles, which is one of Tara’s newly discovered favorites.  She somehow managed to avoid consuming ramen throughout all of college, but is now a big fan.

Tara in ramen noodle heaven

After dinner we went to brush our teeth when Larry rolled up again and said that he had searched his RV and rounded up enough quarters for us to do our laundry.  John-Michael exchanged a $5 bill for $3 in quarters and a $2 bill (Larry always likes to have a $2 bill in his wallet, but told us to take it as a good luck charm).  Larry asked why we were trying to walk across the country.  He wanted to know if it was an adventurous journey, a spiritual journey, a soul-searching journey, or something else.  John-Michael answered that he still wasn’t sure, but that we both knew we just had to at least try to do it.  Larry repeatedly told us he couldn’t fathom what we were trying to do by walking across the country, but having been a truck driver, he knew the value of fresh and clean clothes.  Indeed.