Day 29 – Will We Ever See You Again?

The story of life is quicker than the wink of an eye, the story of love is hello and goodbye…until we meet again – Jimi Hendrix

Our wake-up call came in the form of a knock on our tent.  Hanna, Logan, and Beau were back to greet the morning with us.  We were peppered with more questions as we packed up our stuff.  One was a little more memorable than the rest.  Hanna asked if she would ever see us again.  We told her we hoped so, and maybe we will, but it was a reminder of just how ephemeral our interactions with people can be.  Not just on this walk, but in life too.

Shortly after saying goodbye to Hanna and Logan, we said goodbye to Pennsylvania as well. Much of our walk through the state was along roads that are part of a state wide bicycling route.

Bicycle PA S Route

After a few weeks of having these signs as a periodical reminder that we were headed the right way, we had grown emotionally attached to them.  We referred to the S trail as “our old friend.” It’s absurd, but we were sad to see it go.  However, our sadness was quickly replaced by the joy of entering a new state.

Welcome to West Virginia!

Just across the border, we stopped at a convenience store.  While resting in the parking lot, a couple of ladies talked to us a bit before entering the store.  On their way out, they offered us a beer from the case they just bought, but we declined.  Drinking and walking seems irresponsible.

Our route toward Wheeling followed a creek in a valley, so it made for an easy and pleasant trek.

Are any cats trustworthy?