Day 17 – The Mountains are Winning

I’m sick of following my dreams, man. I’m just going to ask where they’re going and hook up with ’em later. – Mitch Hedberg

Getting up in the morning proved to be a tougher task than usual.  It was very cold on the mountain, and our bodies were sore from the previous day’s walking.  Once we finally got moving, we found that we had a drier, but colder, day.

Tuscarora Summit

It looks much better without all the fog and rain.

From the top of the mountain, we could see the town of McConnellsburg.  We headed down into the valley, had lunch, and then prepared for another grueling day of walking.


The sweet relief of going downhill

Although the rain was gone, it was replaced by cold and constant headwinds, sometimes gusting up to 25 miles-per-hour.  The carts aren’t aerodynamic, so pushing uphill, against the wind, for several miles was arduous.  Admittedly, the day really tested us both mentally and physically.  When we saw an abandoned house on the side of the road, we broke into it to spend the night.

Where we spent the night

April fools!  In reality, when we saw a side road with a semi-flat spot adjacent to it in the Buchanan State Forest, we immediately stopped and followed the same routine from the previous evening.  We laid down as the sun went down, both feeling quite beat-up by the last two days.  Tara had a hard time getting to sleep because we kept sliding around in the tent since we were at a slight incline.  Also, she swears she heard mice running around the tent and squeaking.  Her concern wasn’t so much the mice themselves, but rather the possibility that they might chew a hole in the tent.  John-Michael heard nothing and maintains that it was the wind, leaves, and perhaps the swish of the sleeping bag playing tricks on her, though he was already asleep, so Tara insists he has no say in the matter.