Day 46 – Friendship Road

Yes, there are two paths you can go by, but in the long run
There’s still time to change the road you’re on. – Jimmy Page and Robert Plant, Stairway to Heaven

As we departed the Flamingo, we ran into a man named Orin who asked us about our undertaking.  We were chatting when we mentioned that we met the owner of the Flamingo, Lowell, the previous evening.  With a slight smile, Orin said, “Lowell.  That’s my brother.”

We hadn’t walked far when Tara became enamored with these vociferous turkeys.

Jive Talking Turkeys

After taking their picture, she said bye, to which they all responded in unison with a gobble.  So, she said bye again, and they gobbled back.  This went on for several minutes before John-Michael had to spoil the party and remind Tara that it was, in fact, time to say goodbye to the turkeys.

A little later, we had the pleasure of witnessing this goat that was convinced it was a dog.  It behaved just like a dog in all manners except barking.

Goat Dog

Wait. If you’ve named it the Nameless Creek, now it has a name. Thus, it can no longer be called the Nameless Creek. Argh, this makes my head hurt.

Are these really weeds, or just beautiful spring flowers with a bad reputation?

As we were walking in the warm early-afternoon sun, a car drove by with a familiar looking driver that appeared not to notice us.  As it passed, John-Michael said to Tara, “That was Skip.”  Tara chuckled and said, “It did kind of look like him.”  “No,” John-Michael replied, “that actually was Skip.”  John-Michael reached for his phone to call our longtime friend Skip and confirm what he saw when he saw the car’s break lights come on.  Skip turned the car around and pulled up laughing and asking if someone ordered a pizza.  He got out and setup a roadside lunch picnic with fresh pizza, ice cold drinks (including a bottle of chocolate milk), snacks, and cookies.

Pizza Delivery Man Skip

A driveway picnic, courtesy of one of the coolest people we know.

We hung out in someone’s driveway eating, catching-up, and discussing our plans for staying in Indianapolis, where Skip lives.  We explained to Skip that we were trying to get a hold of a friend that had promised to let us stay at his place, but that we hadn’t heard anything since we reached out to him yesterday.  Skip, being familiar with this always aloof friend, laughed and the conversation moved on until one of the owner’s came home.  They didn’t seem to care that we were there, but we felt compelled to leave just the same.

After Skip left, we walked the highway for a few more miles until we came to a road that linked-up with another pedestrian trail in Greenfield, IN.  It was slightly off the road Google was telling us to take, but ran parallel, so we took the pedestrian path that Tim had tipped us off about and were glad we did.  We met several interesting people and spent more time talking than walking.  On a beautiful day like today, it was a fantastic change of pace.

Arlene and Buck

Peggy and “No one calls me Richard” Dick

Brian and Cliff

While on the trail, we got a message from Skip saying he had solved our Indianapolis problem.  “Just show up at the Westin downtown tomorrow.”  I called him and texted him back trying to refuse, but he wouldn’t take no for an answer.  He said either we were going to stay there or he would end up paying for an empty room.  Either way, he wasn’t cancelling.  What an amazing friend!

After leaving the pedestrian trail and entering Tim’s neighborhood, someone shouted from their doorway, “Hey, I know what you guys are doing.”  One of Tim’s neighbors, Lori, and her daughter, Cassie, introduced themselves and then escorted us to Tim’s house.

Cassie and Lori

Tim was so welcoming, even going so far as to make us a sign!

Welcome to Greenfield!

We relaxed while enjoying the company of Tim, his cats, and his pet snake.

Tara was having too much fun with this sweet snake.

Later, we were joined by Tim’s wife, Kellie, our mutual friend Denise, her husband Mike, and daughter Sami.  Denise has been a friend of John-Michael’s since childhood and was the one that got Tim in contact with us.  We had a pizza and pie party, and had such a good time that we didn’t realize that we neglected to take any pictures until after Denise, Mike, and Sami had left and the rest of us had gotten ready for bed.  Denise, Mike , and Sami did leave us with a snack pack, so we at least were able to photograph it.

Denise, Mike, and Sami’s snack pack.