Day 45 – Pi

You have but one shot at life.  I do not think anyone lies on a death bed wishing they had watched more TV. – Anonymous

Kendal and Carter helped put together a fantastic care pack for us.

Kendal and Carter’s care pack.

Mandy made us breakfast and then brought us back to the gas station she met us at the previous evening as a light rain covered the windshield.  Lucky, that would prove to be the only rain for the day.

Do the dew

A pizza place for the math enthusiast.

Another Blue Heron sighting.

The roadways are littered with banana peels. It’s like someone is trying to sabotage us. John-Michael finds it necessary to feign slipping each time we come across one.

As we walked, we saw an unusual sight in the distance.  There were no towns or cities near, yet a man was walking toward us.  When we finally met, we discovered that Korron lives only out of his backpack, and has been travelling for three years via any means available.  He walks, he takes buses, he accepts rides, and whatever other opportunity presents itself.  His one mission is to “spread the word of God.”  We shared road stories and answered each other’s questions.  He refused to have his picture taken, claiming it would take away from his mission, so we respected his wishes.

Mid-day, we were joined by our friend, Jessica, who drove from Indianapolis to walk with us.  She brought good walking luck with her.  Just after we met up, a pedestrian trail magically appeared in a small town that ran through several miles of farmland.   Jessica gave us some Japanese snacks that we gobbled up immediately, then the three of us set off together.

We wish there were more random toilets along our walk. Thank you to this considerate citizen for providing us with roadside facilities.

On your mark get set and go now.

Many years ago, when we were in high school, John-Michael escorted Jessica during the fall homecoming ceremonies. We decided to recreate the moment. Jessica pulled those poor flowers up, roots and all.

As we were walking and goofing around, John-Michael received a call from Tim, who is going to be hosting us tomorrow night.  It turns out Tim has several family members who live in east-central Indiana, and he had secured a place for us to stay tonight: The Flamingo.

After a few miles, Jessica said goodbye and headed back to her car.  About five minutes after she left, the walking luck she brought with her departed as well.  Our walking trail disappeared leaving us with a grassy path that seemed to lead to nowhere.

This time it’s not Google’s fault.

Luckily, after a mile or two, we came upon a county road that led back to US 40.  Jessica texted us and told us to look in Tara’s backpack.  She had stealthily slipped in a $20 for us to use on our travels.

As we approached the town of Dunreith, IN, home of the Flamingo Motel and Restaurant, a car pulled up and we got to meet Tim.  He told us where to find the Flamingo and said he’d meet us there.

Tim introduced us to his Uncle Lowell, the owner of the Flamingo.  Lowell told us we were welcome to camp on his property, or we could stay in a room.  He told us to pick whichever, and that he left a room unlocked just for us.  “Another guy stayed there last night who was walking,” Lowell informed us.  We asked if it was Korron, and indeed it was.

Tim, Lowell, and the world-famous Flamingo Motel.

Tim joined us for dinner and had great stories to tell about the history of the area and his family.  Tim was easy going, yet had an infectious enthusiasm and spirit that energized us.  The warm blackberry pie and ice cream we all had for dessert gave us some oomph too.

We used the boost of energy to work on our increasingly-behind blog for a bit before heading to bed.