Day 42 – Straying to Home

Where we love is home – home that our feet may leave, but not our hearts.” – Oliver Wendell Holmes

After a long drawn-out battle, spring is finally triumphing over winter.   The air is warmer, there is a sweet smell in the air, and trees are beginning to bloom.  Their flowers and fragrances make excellent walking companions.

A redbud tree in bloom. Apparently purple wasn’t a color yet when this tree was named.

Our walking day was fairly uneventful.  We did see our third drive-in theater in Ohio, all of which are still in use.  Nice work preserving a wonderful tradition, Ohio!

It’s a drive-in theater, not a walk-in theater, so we dared not attempt to see a movie here.

We also learned how to ensure you won’t get your mail in a timely fashion.

This guy must really hate his mail-person.

Another situation of coincidence and the help of others provided us with our end destination for the day.  Tara went to high school with Mariah, who learned of our walk via Tara’s cousin Ginger.  Mariah had a friend, also named Tara, whose mother lived along our walking route.  Not near our walking route, but actually on it.  Rhonda was kind enough to let us stay in her guest bedroom.  As she said, she “takes in all strays.”  When we arrived she gave us a quick tour of her home and basically told us we had free reign.  She told us to do laundry, eat (she had pizza and homemade vegetable-beef stew), shower, sleep, use the hot tub, or do whatever else we wanted, making us rather pampered strays.  Rhonda has a tremendous heart and unflappable spirit.  She really does take care of so many.  She’s a foster parent, takes in unwanted cats, inherited chickens, and even a couple of hobos.  Thanks to Ginger, Mariah, Tara, and especially Rhonda for giving us a home for the night.

Rhonda, Doobie, and Sherry