Day 38 – Jennerousity

Energy and persistence conquer all things.” – Benjamin Franklin

Carrie sent us off with a goodie-bag filled with cookies, dried fruit, canned chicken and a still warm, freshly baked loaf of cranberry and orange bread.  The bread didn’t last more than three blocks.

Carrie sending us off.

Columbus proved to be a lovely city, especially for its size.

Baby geese.

Crossing the Sciota River. We have no idea how to pronounce it.

A relic from before the days of the interstate, when US 40 was the king of the roadways.

Someone contact Paul Revere. The Canadians are coming! The Canadians are coming!

On our way through town we ran into Mike, who was intrigued by our journey.  Despite a tough exterior, Mike proved to be extremely kind and helpful.  He let us know about some of the small towns we would passing through west of Columbus, and he gave us some tips on how to camp in random places without getting caught in central Ohio.  It’s a trick we hope to never have to use, but we appreciated the ideas all the same.

Mike, a pro at urban stealth camping.

On our way out of Columbus, we ran into some gentlemen who appeared to be selling “used” shopping carts.  They seemed quite impressed with our carts, although they could tell we weren’t interested in trading them in for the Kroger model.

John-Michael spent the better part of the day engaged in a vicious game of phone-tag with Jenn, a friend of Tom.  She was kindly offering to host us for the night, but we couldn’t seem to get a hold each other on the phone.  Finally, during a break, we were able to connect and make plans to meet.  It always makes walking easier knowing you have a place to stay at the end of the day, so we hit the road with renewed vigor.

Did anyone think we could pass a llama farm without Tara stopping to take some pictures?

In the late afternoon, we ran into another Mike, who was the lead at a construction site. Impressed with our attire, and also our walk, Mike spent some time discussing our plans with us, which allowed us to take a short break on what had become a warm day.

Mike too. Nice outfit.

Finally, in the early evening, we met up with Jenn, who took us to her house and spoiled us with a spaghetti dinner and lots of fresh fruit.

Her children entertained us by playing games and Lego’s with us.  They also put together an awesome goodie bag for us, along with some impressive and thoughtful artwork.

An intense game of Pop the Pig.

The kids put together this fantastic gift pack and artwork for us.

If you look closely at the drawings, one says “I hope you don’t get sprayed by a skunk.”  A sentiment we share wholeheartedly.  The other has Tara in high heels, which is cross-country walking attire she has yet to try out.

Tara decided that since the kids were getting their pajamas on, she might as well too.

Kaitlyn, Julie, Jenn, and Mason. Please note Tara’s ninja-like pajamas.

Kaitlyn, Julie, Jenn, and Mason. Please note Tara’s ninja-like pajamas.