Day 37 – Reconnecting With Old Friends

Rest and be thankful. ― William Wordsworth

It was a lazy Sunday morning.  We slept in and then enjoyed breakfast with Jim and Sharon and then finished up our laundry.

Sharon and Jim

One of Sharon’s two turtles. He’s smiling for the photograph.


After saying our goodbyes to Sharon, Jim, Louis, Shelby (their other dog), and their turtles, Sharon took us to a restaurant so we could meet up with Elizabeth, a friend who used to live in Terre Haute who happened to be in Columbus for the weekend with her children. Elizabeth plays the fiddle in an Irish band and had a gig over the weekend, which is why our paths were able to cross.

It was fantastic to get to catch up with Elizabeth and meet her kids, and they generously treated us to lunch.

Zoe, Elizabeth, Sophia, and Isabella

John-Michael and Zoe engaged in an existential debate.

They had a long drive ahead of them to get back home, so they set off and Tara and I headed to another ice cream place we were told about called Graeter’s.  There we blissfully ate our ice cream while waiting to meet up with a friend of Tara’s from high school that now lives in Columbus.  Carrie showed up full of energy, smiles, and hugs.  She drove us back to Jim and Sharon’s so we could pick up our gear.  While there we saw Sharon, shared an asparagus spear that popped up in her garden, and said goodbye again.

When we arrived at Carrie’s we met her mother, Sandy, and her two dogs, Grover and Gladys.  Sandy had to leave shortly thereafter.  Tara and Carrie settled in to talk about friends and memories while John-Michael took a nap.

Grover, Carrie,and Gladys

On the way to dinner, Carrie presented us with $20, stating it was from her mom.  Sandy, if you are reading this, thank you so much!  After getting some dinner and coffee, we came back to Carrie’s where she prepared a tub of hot water and Epsom salt so we could soak our feet.

Soaking in Epsom salt.

She also let us do some laundry.  Back to back laundry days meant we had a full set of clean clothes and gear.

After a day of relaxation, and with pampered feet, we went to sleep feeling rested and content.