Day 36 – Reconnecting With New Friends

Everywhere is within walking distance if you have the time. – Steven Wright

We got off to an early start because we knew we had a long day of walking.  27 miles separated us from the town of Bexley, where we would be reconnecting with Jim and Sharon, whom we met on our first night of walking.  We walked through a few small towns and had our now requisite daily encounter with dogs.  Today’s angry dog was larger than usual.

I think we better cross to the other side of the road for this one.


When we stopped for lunch in Etna, we were made to feel like celebrities for a few minutes.  Two different families and some of the employees at Subway wanted pictures with us.  We gladly obliged, answered a few of their questions, and then promptly got back to walking.

A pet cemetery. Sad, but also interesting. We’ve never seen one this elaborate before.

The clear day and flat terrain allowed us to see Columbus off in the distance.  It made it seem so close, but we still had several hours of walking left.

Columbus in the distance. The biggest metropolitan area we’ve been in since we left the Philadelphia metro area.

These mile markers have been keeping us company since we got on U.S. 40 back in Washington, PA.

Has anyone ever selected a motel based on the available TV channels? If so, was TNT ever the selling-point?

As we got closer to Columbus and Bexley, we talked to Jim and made arrangements to meet up with Sharon at a local ice cream parlor.  We walked a few more miles and then saw Sharon a block ahead, waving at us.  It was great to see her again.  We sat down for some ice cream and she told us about Bexley and some other ice cream places a few blocks away.  She thought we might like to walk to another one and try it out too.  She was correct.

Sharon in front of Johnson’s Real Ice Cream.

Sharon helped push Samwise for a few miles.

Jeni’s Ice Cream. They have some daring flavors.

After enjoying our ice cream tour, we walked with Sharon back to her house through the beautiful Bexley neighborhood.

Shortly after we arrived, Jim joined us and we sat down for a wonderful dinner and great conversation.  Jim is a veritable encyclopedia of knowledge when it comes to U.S. geography and the history of cities and towns.  It was amazing how much he knew about some of the little towns we walked through over the past several weeks.