The Big Apple

We went into New York City to get a taste of big city life before hitting the road.  Also, Tara really wanted an I ♥ NY sticker for her cart (Samwise).

The new World Trade Center tower.

NYC geometry

The Brooklyn Bridge

A view of New York from the Brooklyn Bridge

At the end of our day, we grabbed a cab to take us from the train station to our hotel.  Thirty seconds into the ride, the driver, Chad, said, “So, you guys aren’t from around here.  Where are you from?”  We responded that we were from Indiana.  He wanted to know what we were doing in New Jersey.  It was all typical taxi-chatter up to that point.

Then, when we answered that we were going to walk across the country starting tomorrow, he went from disbelief to excitement before we got to the next block.  For the rest of the ride we chatted about our plans, Chad grilled us with questions, and then when we arrived at the hotel he wished us luck and asked if he could get a picture with us!  We told him we had a better idea.  We would love to get a picture with him for our blog.

Chad, a smooth (cab) operator