Day 59 – Progressing Ploddingly

I’m a slow walker, but I never walk back. – Abraham Lincoln

As we were packing up our equipment, Annette came out and invited us in for some coffee and to meet her husband, Daryl, and daughter, Jessica.  We sat down to chat for a little bit and Jessica offered to make us breakfast.  We felt privileged to spend part of the morning with them while learning more about Oakland, their family, and the surrounding area.

After a while, we had to be on our way, so we excused ourselves and walked over to the convenience store for some chocolate milk.  While there, we met Harold, who referred to Tara as “Little Lady.”  He seemed quite amused and impressed that we had walked over 800 miles, chuckling and then stating that Tara was brave.  He insisted on making a contribution to the walk, then went on his way, as we continued west.

Jessica, Daryl, and Annette

Harold, shaking hands with the “Little Lady.”

We continued to move at a slow pace, as we are still battling foot issues and John-Michael is still showing lingering signs of illness.

Drive slower. Live longer. Drive smart. We would like to add, don’t freak out pedestrians.

Prairie farms

A mailbox Tara found too cute to not photograph

Midday, we passed through Hindsboro, IL.  We stopped to ask if we could use the restroom at a small store and to buy some cold drinks on a warm day.  We met Cynthia, who put together a great snack pack for us, compliments of the store.


Cynthia’s snack pack. We’re going to SNAP INTO IT!

Both Cynthia and one of her customers, named Mike, were very friendly and spent some time talking with us.  They let us know about the towns up ahead and the Amish country we were entering.  Cynthia also had some tips about Wyoming, where she used to live.

We headed back out, hoping to reach Arcola, IL by the end of the day.  We planned to get there and stay for a day to rest and see if we could start feeling better physically.

This sign has no context. The attached building appears to just be a house. It almost worked, as we were tempted to knock on the door and get some more information.

After several more miles, and almost as many rest stops, we arrived in Arcola, checked into a hotel, put our feet up, and relaxed.

One of several rest stops.