Day 56 – On the Road Again

On the road again
Goin’ places that I’ve never been
Seein’ things that I may never see again
And I can’t wait to get on the road again – Willie Nelson

As we stated back in March, no road trip (even if it’s on foot) from Terre Haute can begin without Square Donuts.  We believe it’s a state law.

Square Donuts, simply the best.

Johnny and his daughter, Lilly, stopped by in the morning to see us off.

Johnny and Lilly

We hadn’t walked far when a van pulled up and Tara’s friend, Chuck, called out to say hi and wish us luck.

Austin, from Indiana State University, joined us as we passed through downtown Terre Haute.  He wanted to get a taste of the walking experience, so he trekked alongside us for several miles in the morning.

Austin getting his roll on

Crossing the Wabash River, we met Carla and Julie, who were enjoying the morning by walking too.  They were a pair of joyful spirits who handed out hugs and well wishes.

Carla and Julie

Wabash River

Another set of hugs awaited us when we walked by Debra, who was taking a short break from work.


Later in the day, we were taking a rest near Shirkieville, IN (say it out loud, it’s a fun word) when James pulled up with ice cold drinks and to check on our progress.  We were excited knowing that he and his wife, Marie, were going to be hosting us tonight.  As we were talking, Lori, another friend, stopped by to say hi.

Lori and James

Shortly thereafter, we crossed into our sixth state, Illinois.


Some of Tara’s former students happened to be driving by when they spotted us and came to a shrieking halt.  We’re not sure who was more excited, the kids or their mom.  Regardless, their energy was contagious and helped give us a boost.

Cash, Mack, Cammie, and Cooper


This looks like it could be a country music album cover. Please post your ideas for song and/or album titles below. I’m going with “She Said No.”

Marie and James met us as we were walking down their street.  They took over the rolling duties for the last few blocks.

James and Marie, doing the rolling.

Spoiled isn’t a good enough word for what we were at James and Marie’s home.  They gave us the master bedroom, let us use the greatest shower ever, took us to eat pizza, and did anything and everything to make us feel at home.  They also fed us cookies that their daughter, Tabi, made.  Jodi stopped by to hangout, and we spent the evening feeling tranquil and refreshed.  It was good to be on the road again, but better to be spending time with such wonderful friends.

Tabi, James, Marie, and Lori. We’re all trying to do an awkward Tara pose. Tara remains the champion