Day 55 – Terre Haute Rest Day IV

When we let fear take control of our decision-making, we introduce a new and very real type of danger into our lives: the danger of not experiencing much of what the world has to offer us. Human existence is a pretty extraordinary thing, and it’s all too easy to let the remarkable opportunities it provides pass us by and leave us in the dust. – Matt Green

Tara spent the morning visiting with the children and teachers at The Woods Daycare and Pre-school, her former employer.  She was thrilled to see them all again.  Previous to starting our walk, all of her coworkers had gotten together and gifted Tara with a VISA gift card to use on our walk.  It certainly came in handy.  Today, her former boss, Sister Judith, gave her another donation for the walk, as did her coworker Kirsten.  Once again, we are overcome with gratitude and overwhelmed by the generosity of everyone.

In the afternoon, we talked with Marie’s class at Carolyn Wenz Elementary School.  This great group had such thoughtful questions, including “what inspired you to do this walk,” and “are you ever scared.”  The inspiration for the walk has been addressed here.  In answer to the question about being scared, the answer was yes.  We told the class that the traffic can be scary, storms can be scary, and so can the possibility of encountering wild animals.  However, thinking about this question more as we drove home, a better answer is that we were and still are scared almost daily on this walk.  We were scared of what we were getting ourselves into before we started our walk.  We are scared of failing.  We are scared of the persistent daily unknowns.  Fortunately, more than anything, we were afraid of not trying.  Based on what an immensely rewarding experience this has been thus far, we’re glad we overcame our fears and decided to walk and roll.