Day 51 – Home

Home is wherever I’m with you. – Alex Ebert

Walking from Brazil to Terre Haute, we were bathed in a cool cleansing rain the entire day.

A landscaping company owned by Matthew Modine? Too obscure?

This is terrifying.

As we approached our hometown, we were joined by a few friends that were brave enough to escort us home in the rain.

Charity, Aiden, Jaden, and Matt. Aiden and Jaden are former students of Tara. She was incredibly excited to see them.

Barrett, Piper, Jessica, and Layla. They paid us a visit the previous day too!

Mike and Connie, who walked over 4 miles just to meet us and walk back with us. They wisely packed themselves a lunch, and brought some food for us as well.

Johnny, a lifelong friend, found us and stopped by to say hi.


Because of the rain and the familiarity with the walking route, it was a comfortingly uneventful day.  On our way home, we stopped at John-Michael’s parents to relax, unwind, and take a nap.  Finally, as the sun slipped away under the horizon, we headed home.  We were greeted by two more friends as we entered our house.  Jon and his daughter Corynn came in and chatted with us for a bit before excusing themselves.  We put on comfortable sleeping clothes for the first time in several weeks, climbed in our bed, and dozed off contentedly.