Day 48 – Busted Tires and Feet

“It’s not whether you get knocked down; it’s whether you get up. – Vince Lombardi

Tara’s cousin Ginger, and her son Franklin, met us at the entrance of our hotel.

Franklin and Ginger

You may recall seeing Ginger’s name on here before.  She’s been an integral part in making arrangements for us to have places to stay on more than one occasion.  They joined us for a few miles, gave us some brownies and a bag of pistachios, then headed back home.  We continued west through the second half of Indianapolis.

On our way, Jason yelled from his van and asked if we were really walking across the country.  We confirmed that we were trying to do just that.  He jumped out of the van and when he asked why and we told him, he must have loved our response, because he yelled out “That’s awesome” and swung his fist in the air.


The west side of Indianapolis is not pedestrian friendly.  It was one of the most difficult walking days to date, and Walden ended up worse for the wear.

Well, there’s your problem.

After fixing the busted tire, we continued toward Plainfield, which proved to have much better accommodations for walkers.

As we neared Brad and Debbie’s (Skip’s in-laws and our camping buddies), Skip pulled up with more ice-cold Gatorade.  With Skip around, it’s been like having a support vehicle the last few days.

Skip went ahead to the house and then walked back to meet us with Drew in tow and Emma along side.

Drew, Skip, and Emma

Brad arrived shortly after we did, and then Debbie not long after that.  We were spoiled by a wonderful dinner, a homemade Oreo ice cream dessert (we’ve been known to devour those), a whirlpool soak for John-Michael, and general relaxation.

Do I take pictures of you when you’re eating?

Drew is excited about our walk. Or bath time. Yeah, it’s probably the bath time thing.

Skip, Brad, Drew, and Debbie

They also put together a thoughtful care pack that included treatments for our increasingly ailing feet.

A care pack put together by a nurse. Thanks to Debbie for helping with our ailing feet.

As amazed as we are by all of the kindness we’ve received from strangers, we are equally overwhelmed by the love, support, and generosity we’ve received from those whom we were already close with.  We love you all so much!