Until one has loved an animal a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.
— Anatole France

Please note that to me, a dog, no matter what age, is a puppy. It may also be acceptably referred to as a doggie. Yes, I am a grown adult, but this is what they are called. Adjust accordingly.

Puppies in costume…in a parade…in downtown Baton Rouge? An event that benefits the Capital Area Animal Welfare Society’s (CAAWS) outreach and spay & neuter program? Yes. Yes to all of this.

Louisiana takes Mardi Gras seriously. It's a season, not a single event. And like all civilized people, the citizens of Louisiana share their celebrations with their pets. In an event that drew thousands of animal lovers to the state's capitol, we spent the weekend playing a small part in helping CAAWS with their biggest fund raising event of the year. Along with some 200 other volunteers, including several students from local high schools and Louisiana State University, we helped stuff registration bags, setup vendor booths, and direct vendor traffic. We worked with this no-kill animal shelter, which has been saving and finding homes for animals in Baton Rouge since 1979, put on a party, a parade, and a pet paradise (how's that for alliteration?).

Volunteering is always a privilege. Volunteering is always rewarding. Volunteering is always beneficial. Volunteering is always needed. And sometimes you volunteer and there are cute puppies in costumes that make you squeal. All for a good...wait for it...CAAWS! There's not much else I could write that would eclipse the cuteness that was this day. Therefore, we'll let the photos below do the storytelling.